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Rules for Event weekends
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Event rules

Postby ravenspeed419 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:32 pm

Hey guys ok i cant seem to find the original copy of rules i had from the original website but im sure DannyHigson will update if needed

Event Rules
1. All attendees must be registered on forums and have there names down on attendance list to be allowed entry to hall.

2. On arrival, all attendees must see Dannyhigson or
Ravenspeed419 to sign in and pay.

3. You can set your gaming space up , Just do not plugin Dannyhigson will check to see if there is no daisy chaining going on so we dont blow the power to the hall (overloading ring main).

4. We are allowed to use the kitchen that is in the hall please keep this tidy, as we would like to use the hall again (also takes a while to clean).

5. You will notice there is different equipment at the hall for example the table tennis table's. this equipment is not ours and we would ask if you could not touch it, as it is another groups equipment that uses the hall.

6 There is a balcony overlooking the hall, please can you refrain from using this. Please see an Admin for further details if you require any information.

7. Stage - ok guys this is kinda new and will probably need verifying. The stage is now off limits there is a reason why as you will probably find out at next event.

8. Please only bring 1 monitor with your computer you will not be able to plugin more than 1 monitor. This is due to power of the hall we dont want to BLOW it!!

9. This is also a new rule - File sharing over the network is no longer permitted if you want something use a usb pen or External Passport Hardrive (quicker this way).

10. kitchen Facilities are provided all we ask is that you clean up after yourselves and at the end of the event help to clean up.

11. No cheating!! most games played, are over the network and are meant to be tournment based games (well most). If anyone is found to cheating we will be politly ask you to leave.

12. Smoking area - the smoking area is outside if you have any queries please ask Ravenspeed419 or DannyHigson

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