Batman: Arkham Knight

So after playing around with Arkham Knight over the past week or so I have to say I’m enjoying the game as far, the graphics are beautiful, the game play more of the same from previous games which isn’t a bad thing by any means, the voice acting, the cast of villians and all missions up to now are great and finally having the freaking batmobile is awesome, if not a tad bit overused.

My only issue really with the PC Version of this title is the horribly made port. The game has since been revealed by Rocksteady to be an outsourced port from a company called Iron Galaxy, which are a 12 man studio that port PC games, badly!

Rocksteady have since issued statements apologising and offering refunds because the game is in a shocking state and as of writing, have suspended sales both retail and digital copies of the game until it’s in a playable state so once a few more patches have dropped, I’ll update this thread.

Until that point though, I can’t recommend Arkham Knight to anyone unless you get it cheap like me because of the issues people have reported, I myself have only experienced an issue with save games so you may get lucky.
Rating:  3/5

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